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Office of Academic Affairs-Division of Continuing Studies

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About Continuing Education School

Introduction to The Continuing Education School

in Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Central Taiwan university established the continuing education school from 1988. To meet the era of live and learnand higher technology, Its included Evening Division and Promotion Education Center. Evening Division has expanded the effectiveness of adult continuing educational programs. Promotion Education Center contains Extension Education-Training Center, Taichung Dakeng Community College, and Skill Evaluation Center.

 The Evening Division now has eleven departments and five master's degree programs for working students. It includes graduate school (day and night), 2-year-technology advanced courses, 4-4.5-year-technology advanced courses, and credits for residents. The total number of student enrollment is about 3,200. The main features of the Evening Division's programs are provides adults the opportunity to take courses in the evenings and weekends, acquire professional knowledge and earn the degrees, and helps to meet the needs of regional industry for personnel with advanced skills, the needs of workers who require retraining, and the need to bring together education and research for local industry.

Promotion Education Center is responsible for the credit class, work courses, technology courses , license courses, and offer a place for technology test and skills certification